Intergas Ecolution


The Inventum-Intergas combination is an economical solution for heating, hot water and a cleaner environment. The Inventum Ecolution Solo central heating system provides the basis for any heating requirement and, when paired with the Intergas Xtreme delivers an extra boost to reach the desired comfort level. The Xtreme is always responsible for providing hot water.

0.39 EPC reduction in new buildings

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Our Ecolution Solo central heating system can’t provide all your home’s heating requirements, which is why we paired it with our energy-efficient, prize-winning Intergas Xtreme 36 boiler. Together they form a hybrid system. This unique combination can be installed in both existing properties and new build and the you will not only be saving energy with the Inventum-Intergas combination, but boosting your energy efficiency rating too.

How does the Inventum Ecolution Solo work?

Many homes are fitted with ventilation grilles above windows or in exterior walls. Vents in kitchens, toilets and bathrooms extract stale or humid air through a mechanical ventilation system into the atmosphere,  but why lose the heat? The Ecolution resolves this by extracting the heat in its heat pump, raising the temperature to 50 °C and returning it to the heating system. What’s more,  efficient ventilation also improves the quality of your indoor air.