Blends perfectly with every interior


Every detail of your interior design counts. Our Prestige is the world’s first boiler that takes this into account and wants to be seen! It’s a welcome addition to any room and blends perfectly with any interior. This is because the Prestige is based on a revolutionary concept where its design is as important as the cutting-edge technology behind it. Never before have comfort, technology and design been so harmoniously blended in a single boiler.

Fifteen-year warranty on heat exchanger
'Zero-delay' hot water

Our unique Quickfill system

Our Prestige is fitted with the unique Quickfill® system. It provides unlimited hot water without so much as a second’s delay. You’ll get a flow of piping hot water the instant you open the tap. We achieved this using a combi heat exchanger and an in-built storage water heater. But the speed of Quickfill isn’t just for the bathroom, it’s great in the kitchen too, where you use less hot water, but more frequently. What’s more, this boiler doesn’t need to be ignited each time, cutting your energy bill significantly.

Tried-and-tested heat exchanger

High-efficiency boilers have been around for years. But it was Intergas who brought out the first double-HE boiler, i.e. high-efficiency heating and hot water. Naturally, we use this innovative, energy-saving technology in Prestige. Double HE is feasible thanks to our aluminium heat exchanger with segregated copper loops. These elevate hot water energy performance levels to HE status. The Dutch Consumers’ Association has awarded this reliable, tried-and-tested technology its ‘Best Buy’ award on numerous occasions.