Hot water and total peace of mind

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The boiler without a storage tank

Superflow is our latest and most innovative tankless water heater that provides endless hot water, whenever and wherever you want it.  From the kitchen and utility room to the bathroom and ensuite, this powerful water heater delivers hot water at a constant temperature and with an enviable flow rate, to all taps simultaneously.

Unrivalled quantities of hot water
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XXL – The standard for your hot water requirements

Superflow combines all the advantages of a hot water tank or cylinder in one small wall-hung unit. It may only measure 76cm high x 26cm deep, but don’t be deceived, this super-efficient water heater packs a punch, delivering instantaneous hot water on demand.

There are two models in the range, the Superflow 45 and the Superflow 60. The Superflow 60 delivers up to 26L/min at 40⁰ which puts it in the XXL load profile category.

An innovative heat exchanger

Superflow uses our own tried-and-tested and patented heat exchanger technology, which incorporates a fully integrated copper coil. Our unique, patented design ensures minimal heat loss and optimal heat transfer.

The cold water supply flows directly through the heat exchanger to cool and condense the flue gases while recovering as much heat as possible for reuse. We built the same heat labyrinth into our Superflow heat exchanger as we use in the Combi Compact HReco to achieve unrivalled performance.