Comfort touch thermostat

A compact, modern design



Our Comfort Touch is an incredibly easy-to-use modulating room thermostat. Raising or lowering the temperature using its touchscreen display has never been this simple or intuitive. What’s more,  with its sleek and compact design (it’s only 13mm deep), Comfort Touch will blewith your particular interior aesthetic in mind.

Modulating thermostat
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The perfect combination
Comfort touch app

Modulating thermostat

The Comfort Touch is a modulating room thermostat that communicates with the boiler using OpenTherm to automatically adjust its setting and achieve the desired room temperature. This ensures long-lasting, energy-efficient boiler operation. The thermostat displays the current room temperature. Just tap plus (+) or minus (–) to adjust the temperature. If you’d rather not display the temperature, simply alter its settings to display your heating level only.

The perfect combination with the Comfort Touch app and Service Dashboard

Using our Service Dashboard, the installer can access boilers remotely in real time to read out boiler information and statistics. What’s more, it’s even possible to adjust its parameter settings remotely. It also provides a clear overview of a customer’s possible faults.

The Comfort Touch consumer app is particularly useful if you want consumers to be able to adjust their boiler’s setting remotely. It’s also possible to create and manage a week programme. What’s more, it’s possible to contact the installer directly using our Comfort Touch app.

See our Comfort Touch app See our Service Dashboard