Daikin Hybrid

Natural heating


Daikin Hybrid

Our Daikin-Intergas Hybrid heat pump is an all-round solution for your heating and hot water requirements. This unique heating system consists of a Daikin heat pump and outdoor unit, and an Intergas HE boiler that provide optimal heating and unrivalled quantities of hot water and comfort all year round, even when outdoor temperatures dip below freezing.

Altherma heat pump

The Daikin Altherrma air-to-water heat pump  air/water uses energy that’s free of charge and freely available. How? It extracts as much heat as possible from the outside air. This heat pump consists of a closed copper loop around which a refrigerant flows. This is subjected to a thermodynamic cycle – evaporation > condensation > compression > expansion. At certain points in this cycle, heat is released/generated, which is transferred to the central heating system via a heat exchanger.

HReco 36 – A solid basis

Most of the heat required for central heating purposes is obtained from the hybrid and heat pump. Tap water is heated by our Combi Compact HReco 36 – one of the top boilers in the Netherlands in terms of annual tap efficiency. This ensures energy-efficiency every time you run hot water. Our Combi Compact HReco hybrid uses a unique dual, aluminium, two-in-one heat exchanger. Its patented design ensures minimal heat loss and optimal heat transfer.