Remote management

Manage boilers remotely!


Remote Management ensures that the servicing requirements of the boiler remain perfectly aligned. This new technology means that service calls can be scheduled according  to boiler use, rather than a date on a calendar. Remote Management makes it possible to quickly and easily determine the perfect moment to schedule servicing and maintenance.

Tried-and-tested technology

Remote Management works using a gateway and network. The network ensures that all boilers remain in contact with the gateway, regardless of routing. Because boilers are continuously exchanging data with one another, there’s always a route available to the gateway. This makes Remote Management a robust, self-healing system. What’s more, the shortest possible route is always determined for data transfer purposes. The system’s robustness means that a single network can host up to 246 boilers. This is a perfect way for housing associations to perform or have scheduled maintenance carried out. The distance between any two boilers should be no greater than 50 m, sufficient range for most practical situations.

Personalised service

A connection with each boiler is needed in order to read its data remotely. Whenever a fault occurs, or a service request is issued, the installer receives a notification by email so that he/she can access the boiler remotely and view its performance levels. Installers have continuous access to information on a range of parameter settings, such as pump operation, temperature, water pressure, etc. for each boiler. They can then determine the best time to carry out a service or maintenance visit base. Service  visits can  now be based on boiler use, rather than a date on the calendar.