Business Analyst

Delivering Rheem Europe’s growth strategy involves a variety of operational and strategic decision-making. The Business Analyst will provide our organization and management teams with data-driven insights, and empower them to develop optimal solutions to challenges. This role will design and execute complex analyses and translate the results into actionable business recommendations. The Business Analyst will report to the new Head of Business Development and their strategic initiatives will expedite our European expansion plans.

“The Business Analyst will become part of a highly energetic team of passionate and ambitious people who strive for long-term success for the company and are motivated to contribute to sustainability.” – Arno La Haye, Managing Director of Rheem Europe

The responsibilities of the Business Analyst include collecting, processing, and managing quantitative and qualitative data, identifying new solutions and ideas, preparing management reports, identifying potential challenges and opportunities for growth, and mapping industry and competitor trends. In addition, they will inform new product development, M&A, and other teams with analytical support, for example.

The Business Analyst will be the first point of contact for all information and data requests for Rheem Europe. This means they will have frequent interactions with colleagues around the world and from all segments of the business. Working with all these counterparts on a broad range of topics will allow the Business Analyst to get to know every aspect of the business and develop a vast internal network.

The ideal candidate has a financial background in banking or private equity, for example. And they’re invested in broadening their scope by working for a manufacturing company in the energy sector. As this is a new position within Rheem Europe, the Business Analyst will enjoy the freedom to shape their role and – along with the Head of Business Development – ​​​​​​focus on projects that contribute the most to our success in Europe. That’s why this position is a great opportunity for someone with lots of potential and passion to develop their international career while furthering the European energy transition.


We are working with Top of Minds to fill this vacancy. To express your interest, please contact Emma de Wit at