Head of Business Development

The Head of Business Development is a new position within our European organisation. This person will play a vital role in the European organization and work on high-profile projects that address the strategic questions we are facing in that region.

The Head of Business Development will lead and support strategic internal initiatives by solving complex business challenges, and conduct quantitative and qualitative analyses. These include identifying market drivers, industry trends, competitive threats, expansion opportunities, and innovative project development ideas. The Head of Business Development will also translate their insights into executive and board-level presentations to advise our European senior leadership and help them make the most well-informed business decisions.

Our new Head of Business Development will lead cross-functional project teams and coordinate workstreams of Division and Business Unit personnel. The Head of Business Development will report to the Managing Director of Rheem Europe, Arno La Haye, and work very closely with the Senior Vice President of Strategy and Sustainability, and other colleagues in our global organization.

Good teamwork is critical to this role. This person will collaborate with Managing Directors of the European Business Units and the Global Strategy team. One of their main challenges will be to work effectively with people across the organization. They will secure commitment for company-wide efforts, and drive progress on strategic initiatives without the official mandate of direct reporting lines.

This key role must be an experienced strategy professional with analytical, communicative, and interpersonal skills. These will contribute to their success as they collaborate with counterparts, offer an unbiased, fact-based perspective to problem-solving, and achieve our European growth strategy. The role is an excellent opportunity to get to know our business and build a global network. It’s also an ideal stepping-stone on the path to align management responsibilities and make a positive impact on energy transition across Europe.


We are working with Top of Minds to fill this vacancy.
To express your interest, please contact Annelijn Nijhuis at Annelijn.Nijhuis@topofminds.com.