Make significant cost savings in home-building

Our Combi Compact HRE, HReco, and Xtreme boilers offer the highest annual tap efficiency in every CW class. Their very low standby losses mean you can make significant cost savings when building new homes. The energy efficiency and reduction in emissions make it a lot easier to comply with increasingly stringent EPS standards for new homes. Our products’ high annual tap efficiency and auxiliary energy savings can reduce an EPS rating by as much as 0.21, eliminating the need for additional costly energy saving measures.

Installing an Intergas Combi Compact HReco, HReco or Xtreme boiler also provides major benefits in existing buildings. These boilers are so energy efficient, they can significantly reduce household energy bills and dramatically reduce CO2 emissions. In many cases, it’s even possible to make savings in excess of the Dutch government’s goal to reduce total CO2 emissions by at least 20%. A higher energy label rating increases the home’s value and its saleability accordingly.


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