HRE 36/48 A

HRE 36/48 A

Very low gas consumption
Compact dimensions
RF technology

Energy label AEnergy label A XL

  • 40,90 kW power
  • CW5
    9 l/min at 60 °C
    15 l/min at 40 °C

Ideal for larger homes

You expect a central heating boiler to provide enough hot water for both kitchen and bathroom, as well as enough heat to make all the rooms in a home cosy and snug. Our Combi Compact HRE 36/48 A is designed to do just this. Thanks to double-HE technology, our Combi Compact HRE boilers provide both high-efficiency hot water and heating.

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Article number 043337
Material heat exchanger Aluminium
Rated power 80-60 °C kW 40,90
Nominal load lower value kW 7,80 - 42,50
Nominal load upper value kW 8,60 - 47,10
Heating power adjustable icon-check
Suitable for natural gas icon-check
Suitable for propane icon-check
Conversion set required icon-check
Control signal OpenTherm icon-check
Burner control modulating icon-check
Maximum flow temperature (working temperature) °C 90
Maximum allowable operating pressure bar 3
Minimum work pressure bar 0,50
Maximum gas pressure mbar 30
Minimal gas pressure mbar 20
Nominal power tap water kW 31,50
Nominal load lower value tap water kW 7,20 - 32,70
Nominal load upper value tap water kW 8,00 - 36,30
Hot water capacity at 60 °C l/min 9
Hot water capacity at 40 °C l/min 15
Tap threshold l/min 1,50
Supply voltage V 230
Built-in pump circuit icon-check
Built-in manometer icon-check
Built-in weather-dependent controller icon-check
Weight kg 35
Height mm 710
Width mm 450
Depth mm 240
Connection return Knel
External tube diameter supply mm 22
Connection supply Knel
External tube diameter return mm 22
Fuel connection Knel
External tube diameter fuel mm 15
Air supply connection Mofeind
Nominal duct diameter air supply mm 80
Connection of flue gas outlet Mofeind
Nominal duct diameter flue gas discharge mm 80
Connection cold tap water Knel
External tube diameter cold tap water mm 15
Domestic hot water connection Knel
External tube diameter hot tap water mm 15
Condensation connection Flexibel
External tube diameter condensation mm 25,40
Capacity profile XL
Efficiency class space heating A
Efficiency class water heating A
Supplementary electricity consumption at full load (ELmax) kW 0,10
Supplementary electricity consumption in standby mode (Psb) kW 0,004
Standby heat loss (Pstby) kW 0,038

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